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The Last Fitness Program You Will Ever Need!

OPEX Fitness is the only fitness facility in Regina that pairs you with your own coach who not only tailors your fitness experience for you, but ensures that you build a relationship of support and success.

 With monthly consultations to ensure that your progress continues, customized nutrition plans to help meet your needs and continuous assessment of your progress to track your physical abilities,  your coach is never guessing as to what you need next. 

 Why does your coach do all of that? They want you to reach YOUR goals. They want you to succeed long term. They want you to reach your potential. 



"I have always tried to live an active lifestyle, but it wasn't until I had a personal trainer at OPEX Regina that I felt confident in what I was doing. At OPEX Regina they care about you and the quality of the movement ensuring you are safe. Every week my program is personalized to me, based on my goals and the progress I am achieving. I am continually learning what I can achieve because my trainer sees what I can do even when I can't. This is the best I have personally felt, physically, emotionally and mentally in a long time. This is the result of my commitment and the commitment of my personal trainer, who is there with me every step, setting me up to succeed and sharing knowledge with me. I am so grateful for the partnership I have developed within OPEX Regina, thank you Hayley and Steve!

Why do I workout at OPEX Regina so that I can be my best self, physically, emotionally and mentally!"

Stacey Garner - OPEX Regina Onsite Client July 9, 2017

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"I had been experiencing back pain for a little over two years when I came to OPEX Regina. I had struggled to find ways to help myself, including spending loads of money seeing a variety of healthcare practitioners. Some things helped for a while, but I had experienced a flare a few months prior that was devastating. I have always been active, but finding things that didn’t cause more pain became more and more difficult. My quality of life was decreasing rapidly; I could not do things with my children as I once had. Often it was just about getting through the day.

Within one month of coming to OPEX three times a week, my pain decreased from 8 to 4, and within the second month, it further decreased to 1. Luke, my onsite OPEX Regina coach, encouraged me to move in ways that did not trigger the pain, and to strengthen my core and glutes. These areas were VERY weak, despite my strength in other areas. Encouragement, patience and vision were offered to me in a profound way. I could just work at the place that I was at, rather than pushing to prove myself. My workouts challenge me and I might be a little sore afterward, but I feel like the foundation is being set properly for more challenging movements in the future, should I choose to go there. But more importantly, I have more days where I have energy to get through the day, and perhaps even enjoy some time with my children and friends. As anyone with chronic pain knows, this is priceless."

Jane - OPEX Onsite Client July 9, 2017

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