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We provide our clients with individually designed programs that allow them to reach their goals and KEEP reaching their goals for the long term.

Our Team of Professional Coaches.

Every program is based on a thorough movement, strength and work capacity assessment. Customized programming allows you to progress faster, safer and starts building a foundation for success from day one. Weather you are a busy mom, business professional or sport specific athlete our professional coaches will meet you where you are at and build a plan to help you achieve your goals. We believe that fitness is a lifelong journey, OPEX Regina is committed to your long term success.

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"The personalized training programs at OPEX Regina has helped me improve my fitness levels and given me more energy. All the coaches are great and always willing to answer any questions. Thanks to Coach Paul Park for helping come up with a training plan that has made and continues to make a big difference in my life."

Trevor Kincaid - OPEX Regina Onsite Client July 9, 2017

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How Our Process Works

Consultation / Assessment

The Client Consult is your first meeting with your coach and the key to the assessment process. This is a one-hour face-to-face or Skype conversation and assessment with your coach based on movement and passed experiences in fitness. This data allows the coach to look for any structural weakness, mechanical advantages/disadvantages and what your training priorities will be.


Personalized Programming

Your coach will build a training program that is completely designed for you! With a thorough understanding of your fitness background, lifestyle factors, goals and priorities your coach designs a program that meets your needs and no one else's. Using state of the art technology on an program called FitBot, the client is held accountable as the coach can track daily progress and upgrade programming to match the evolving fitness journey.


Monthly Consultation with Your Coach

Once a month you will have a face-to-face or Skype meeting with your coach to check-in on how your training process and experience is going. This is the coach’s way of ensure consistency, allows them to revisit your goals and make sure everything is aligned with your long term goals. This will act as a major update on your lifestyle, sleep, nutrition, stress family, and friends. The consultation will cover the entire spectrum of what you have going on in your life. The ultimate goal of the monthly consult is to consistently communicate and ensure progress.


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