Fitness is More Than Sweat, It’s Your Why!

Fitness is in the eyes of the beholder. All that really means is that your experience with fitness is different than everybody else’s. But, what is consistent across the board is that people do fitness for a reason. When you understand that reason, you will find great enjoyment and progress in your health and fitness for the long-run!

We’ve had the privilege of working with many people who have gone from unhappy to happy with their fitness, and much of that change happened as they recognized what they were getting from their weekly training. So, we ask you this question….

Why are you training? How do you intend to grow because of fitness? How can it make your life outside of the gym better?


It’s easy to say “I train to lose weight, look great, or get strong.” What about losing weight connects to you? Why is it important to you? What would change in your life if you lost weight? Be honest with yourself as you answer this. Many people start a workout program for surface reasons, but they never connect to why that surface reason means something important to their life away from the gym.

Why is losing weight important to you? What about it connects with you?


It’s when you connect to that underlying why behind your fitness regiment that you will find deep enjoyment in your training. What does fitness allow you to do inside of the gym, but what does it allow you to do outside of the gym as well. Your values and priorities will shift over time; that’s part of life. But, fitness has the power to change your life today and keep “giving” back to your life in and out of the gym for decades.

What does that sweat represent?

Want to know more about your why? Schedule a free consult with our coaches to learn more about what inspires you!


Nutrition: Simple = Successful


The world is getting easier with technology and social media, but it’s also getting considerably confusing as we get served more and more cheap information from so-called “experts” on nutrition, dieting and healthy eating.

Nutrition falls squarely into this category of confusion. Macros this, calories that, detox this, juice cleanse that:

What in the world are you supposed to do to get healthy, lean out, and have energy?


If you just read Internet articles (funny, that’s what this is haha), you will be met with thousands of complex answers. DON’T FALL VICTIM TO COMPLEXITY FOR COMPLEXITY’S SAKE.

Nutrition must start SIMPLE!


You need to meet yourself where YOU are, today.  Consider these simple fixes:

  • Are you chewing your food 32 times? It may sound ridiculous, but this will allow your body to absorb more of your food’s nutrients.
  • Are you eating vegetables multiple times per day?
  • Are you eating 10 colors of vegetables throughout the week?
  • Are you drinking ½ of your bodyweight, in ounces, of water each day (as a minimum)?
  • Are you taking in a consistent amount of protein?
  • Are you mixing up your food sources so that you don’t eat exactly the same thing each day?

If you aren’t doing one of these things, put that in place today, and your health will move in the right direction. Once you’ve got that dialed in, add another. Nutrition isn’t a “figure out the fastest option” game. It’s a game of consistency, cleanliness, quality and above all – simplicity.

Take a few moments and ask yourself, “Where am I, today?” We will almost definitely guarantee that a few simple tweaks will build on where you find yourself and make a world of difference in the medium and long-term.

And, if you’re still in doubt, remember these words of advice that we’ve seen work wonders:

Make 2 better choices each day


Check out our free recipe e-book for more easy, delicious meal ideas!



Where is the Fitness Industry Going?


In much of the world’s history, fitness as a trend or business didn’t exist. Hundreds of years ago, fitness was mainly a byproduct of soldiers training for battle. Fast forward a hundred years ago to where pockets of the world were interested in gymnastics and strongman fitness as forms of athleticism and entertainment. Fast-forward fifty years to find gyms opening to offer people equipment that they would not otherwise have access to. Today, fitness is what gyms, coaches, and clients make of it. It can be anything.

That said, there are a few key global trends that explain why fitness looks the way it currently does.

  • Longer lives lived more unhealthily – People may be living longer, but many people are living longer in a state of health that leaves them less able to take care of themselves
  • Stagnancy – people are sitting more than ever before.
  • Fear – not many people think this one through until they have children, but adults and children, alike, are not roaming around outside like they once did. This gives way to centers/gyms becoming a “playground”
  • TV – while many now see social media as a key player, television lead to much of the world seeing what fitness can “look” like and how it can be done
  • Technology – while technology certainly contributes to health and stagnancy issues, we are experiencing an explosion in what our technology can do. Through data collection, wearable (and implantable) technology, people can now know exactly how “healthy” they are at any moment. That leads to a huge shift in awareness
  • Social media – right or wrong, it’s a way of life that people now spend a large amount of their time “plugged in” to social groups. This change leads to all experiences needing to be far better than they once needed to be
  • Beliefs are shifting with age groups – Whereas Gen X’ers often stayed with companies for 30 years, the new generations do not trust big companies as much as they once did. They want to venture out on their own because they seek fulfillment. People are more open to new experiences
  • Individuality and segmentation of everything – with technology and systems, companies can provide unique experiences to customers. As more people experience customization, they are flocking to it more and more. Customers want it their way

From trends come opportunities in business and we have seen many companies create massive movements (no pun intended) around fitness. But, look at what these fitness trends are tapping into:

  • Fun – black lights, techno music, and high-end equipment in some gyms. Interesting equipment and movements in others. Fun is relative to the group of people that you’re looking at, so there is no one model, but fitness must now be fun for people
  • Community – no longer do people want to workout by themselves. They want to enjoy the gym and then grab a coffee with people. It’s more than fitness now, it’s community
  • Professional coaching – with review sites and the internet, trainers/coaches can make names for themselves, but they will lose their following if they can’t deliver results
  • Technology – whether it be people receiving their training through their cell phone, using machines that claim to be the bee’s knees, or plugging in to a class from their home, technology is here to stay in fitness
  • Results – in today’s day and age, either you get fitness results or you become a lifestyle brand. Why do large gyms continue to make their facilities nicer for all of the people (many of whom don’t show up)? They are becoming a lifestyle brand. Who belongs to which gym?
  • Individuality – this isn’t the boring old personal training model. This is individuality through all areas of health and fitness. Coaches who can’t offer this won’t be able to compete in results metrics
  • Relationships – it’s not good enough to check into a gym and not talk to anybody anymore. People want to not only enjoy their time in the gym, they want to build friendships and connections.

There will be many forms of fitness that are yet to launch. Some will work, and some won’t. What’s important to think through is what do YOU value the most. OPEX Gyms look at these trends and always ask the question, “How do we inspire people to live larger lives?” Fitness is the medium through which people live larger. With this in mind, we are building a fitness movement built on a few key tenets:

  • You should have a coach who guides your entire fitness journey – this isn’t a hope, it’s a demand. You will have a coach who works with you 1:1 from day one. They assess your movement, strength, and flexibility so that they can program the RIGHT workouts to progress you consistently for the long run. But, your coach will also guide your nutrition and lifestyle practices outside of the gym so that you accelerate your results. That is a relationship that spans decades. You both win together!
  • You have a community to enjoy – Not only will you train with your friends, you will enjoy a group of like-minded people who have goals in and out of the gym
  • You will be on the cutting edge of coaching technology – through our partnership with Fitbot, you will receive your workouts and all of your results directly to your phone. You will always know where you stand today and where you are going, no matter whether you’re in or out of town
  • You will win in and out of the gym – a quality fitness program must allow you to enjoy results in the gym – weight loss, strength gain, mobility improvement – but it must also allow you great enjoyment out of the gym through an aligned lifestyle and purpose – career, family, fun, etc.
  • Coaches are professionals – your coach must have the skills and empathy to help you progress for decades. If they don’t, they shouldn’t be a coach

However we look at fitness, it will always come down to your connection to why you workout. Without a clear understanding, you either won’t maintain consistency or you won’t enjoy the process. There is no reason why you can’t love to workout, get outstanding results, and enjoy all of the successes you desire outside of the gym as well. Here’s to you!



Who Are You…At Your Core?

We are being systematically reprogrammed to expect more and more from ourselves. Bombarded by social media of “success” from “influencers.” We’re being brain washed into behavior that puts our eyes back on social media, notifications, and the “bizarro world.” The unfortunate part of this psychological attack is that it’s working.  

Social media is brain washing us.


We see too many people who think they “should” live a certain way. When we ask them why they want to live that way, they often don’t know.  They’ve gotten lost in the media stranglehold. They’ve lost who THEY are.

You shouldn’t have to be something you’re not!


It’s time we take back how we live our lives. You shouldn’t have to be something you’re not. You shouldn’t have to demand things you don’t care about. And, you shouldn’t have to live a life that doesn’t fulfill you. When you break the chains and get to the other side, life brightens forever.

You shouldn’t have to live a life that doesn’t fulfill you!


In the fitness world, this challenge gets exposed in how people train. Many people train with somebody else’s hopes and dreams attached to each workout. It’s not until they learn what drives them internally that they remove pressure from their fitness and start loving how fitness can improve their lives. There is nothing more fun to watch than when somebody realizes WHY they are doing what they’re doing.

Do you train to help guide your kids to enjoy their own dreams? Awesome – enjoy fitness for how it empowers you to guide your kids consistently.



Do you train to achieve success at work? Excellent – enjoy fitness for what advantages it gives you in the boardroom.



Do you train because you love to progress your fitness? Wonderful, enjoy the process of growth day in and day out.



Do fitness for YOU. Do fitness for what you value. Do fitness because it inspires you. That’s where life-long progress and happiness emerge. There is no back squat PR that beats an inspired life. Onward!

-OPEX Fitness

How Can Proper Fitness Help Your Career?

Many of us find deep meaning in our work. We value the time that we spend learning, growing, and helping build our companies. That said, while we love fitness, when we search within, we realize that fitness isn’t our top priority. Is that wrong? NOT AT ALL!

Fitness is meant to be the medium for us to live larger lives. It’s the proverbial, “tie that binds.” One of the most important facets of health and wellness is managing stress; as we lower our stress levels, our bodies stay younger, stronger, and leaner. Many people make fitness a net stressor in their lives instead of utilizing it for its hugely positive impact not only to their health, but also to their career.

The key to balancing life and fitness is recognizing how fitness leads you to YOUR highest values. In the context of your career, when you have great energy, resilience, confidence, strength, and perspective you will more consistently ascend the business mountain. As you align your goals and values, you’ll realize that fitness provides you with the momentum you’ll need to conquer the boardroom.

Unfortunately, too many coaches and gyms place a stressful amount of emphasis on competing in the gym. While pushing yourself is a beautiful thing, competing day in and day out places a great deal of stress on your mind and body and can lead to a net loss of energy that you just can’t afford as you climb the ladder. You’ll find great balance when you put your energy into progressing your fitness not only for the sake of fitness, but also for the betterment of your life outside of the gym.

Here’s some examples of how two professionals used fitness to get the most out of their life, in and out of the gym.


An Executive at an Fortune 100 company, Dave’s  in his early 50’s, and his focus is on the next 20 years of his career. He doesn’t intend to retire right away, as he loves the work he does, but still wants to grow and improve with each passing year.

In his initial consult with his Coach Dave mentioned that he’d been injured in the past and that his big goal was to feel strong, happy, and capable. His Coach noticed that Dave spoke passionately about the business that he was in, so he asked him some more questions about how he’s being doing fitness in the past. Dave told his Coach that he was often “tweaked” in his body.  He just couldn’t stay healthy. He was burning the candle on both ends and his body felt like it was revolting.

Not wanting to put too much emphasis on the past, Dave’s Coach started him out with a lot of structural strength work so that Dave FELT (and got) stronger almost immediately. It was in a controlled setting so that Dave didn’t feel worried about getting hurt. If Dave got hurt, he’d have to stop working, and that would devastate him.

Over the first few months of workouts, assessments, and consultations, Dave’s Coach zoned more and more in on Dave’s biggest values. Dave’s total time in the gym actually dropped so that he could enjoy the balance of work, fitness, and his family. His time in the gym was focused and he loved it, but he felt progress without the fear of injury and that transitioned over into his job. It was fantastic to watch.

Dave now knows WHY he does fitness and he’s living a larger live daily!


Diane is a small business owner who has always loved connecting with people. An influencer in her community, she’s in her late 30’s and has always been the “I’m going to try it first woman.” Whether it be yoga studios, spin studios, CrossFit®, or a host of other options, Diane tried them all.

Unfortunately, Diane kept getting hurt. She’d be great for a few months and make progress but then she would get hurt out of nowhere again and again. She wanted so badly to be with her friends that she always returned to training too early before she was healed.  Diane had the right intentions, but constantly being hurt not only hurt her “fun” factor, it hurt her business as well.

When Diane came in for her initial consult, she relayed this story to her Coach. Her Coach didn’t try to change everything right away; he helped her align her values of growing her connections, as well as her business. He had her train while other people were also working out – normal in an OPEX Gym – but she was doing a program that was designed to help her heal and build the strength to do the skills that allowed her to feel great. 

It took a few months of great conversations both on the gym floor and during Diane’s consultations, but soon Diane began to feel better and have fun in the gym. Her extra energy immediately proved valuable to her business; she was able to grow her business faster than she had in her other training programs

Diane will never need another training program because she’s so happy with her Coach and client relationship, and it shows in all aspects of her life.

-OPEX Fitness


What is Individual Design in Fitness?


The world now customizes everything. Customized news feeds on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and customized buying experiences through Amazon. Everywhere you look, the world is moving toward the exact demands YOU have.

Onsite Member Joe

We’re also entering the future of fitness, and that future is customized. Fitness technology puts YOUR vital signs onto a big screen TV in the gym; body scanning shows you where YOUR “health” is every day; watches and wearable devices tell YOU “where your stats are” throughout the day. Like it or not, we’re in a completely different world than we were 3 years ago.

This change leads to the natural question “Where can I enjoy a customized fitness program with the support I need to reach the biggest goals in my life AND have fun doing it? OPEX Individual Design (ID) is that answer!

Individual Design pairs you with your own one to one coach. They are your guide through fitness. Not only do they tailor your fitness experience to you, you’ll enjoy a real relationship with them. They support your training day in and day out, but they do not babysit you. They empower you!

Onsite Member Donna

Your ID coach has monthly consultations with you to ensure that your progress continues into perpetuity. They work with you on a customized nutrition plan to meet your needs and goals.  They assess and track your physical abilities consistently so that they have the truth and never guess as to what you need next.  Your coach then designs your entire training program for you. They deliver your program to you directly through your phone. Then, YOU execute the workout. You earn the results. You feel inspired.

Why does your coach do all of that? They want you to reach YOUR goals. They don’t push you into somebody else’s goals.  They don’t harm your body with workouts that are go against your body’s needs or restrictions.  And, they don’t promise you the world and then not “show up.” Your coach is with you for years!

Coach Paul & Onsite Member Dani

Along with your one to one coach, you’ll always have a coach with you on the training floor. Not only will your floor coach help you with movement, they will also make sure you’re getting the results from every workout for you. They are like the orchestra conductor. They don’t “play the instruments,” but they make the environment really fun and safe

But, community matters. In an OPEX ID Gym, you will work out in a group environment. You will enjoy team camaraderie where you and the rest of the gym’s clients know why they train, how fitness benefits you/them both in and out of the gym, and how to enjoy each training session.

Coach Steve Working on Programming

Individual Design is the perfect combination of one to one coach to client support in a group environment! Individual Design in an OPEX Gym is the last fitness program you’ll ever need!

Let us know how we can help you live your best life!


How Food Smart Are You?!


Did you know…

  • Ripe cranberries can bounce like a rubber ball… Weird hey?!
  • The average ear of corn has an even number of rows, 16! 
  • Apples belong to the rose family!
  • Chocolate was once used as a currency… don’t we all wish this was still true!
  • No matter what colour of Fruit Loop you eat they all taste the same.
  • The most hydrating food you can eat is cucumber, it is 96% water
  • One fast food hamburger can contain meat from up to a 100 different cows…did this help you kick your fast food habit? Helped me!

Although this information is not exactly what we want you to learn from this post, it is really good trivia!

Getting to know your healthy options and how to shop smart is a big part of leading a healthy lifestyle and sticking to your goals. Knowing which foods give you the biggest ‘bang for your buck’ nutrient wise and which options deliver the most protein per serving will help you spend less at the grocery store and give you a balanced diet.

Take our “How Food Smart Are You” quiz  to see if you really do know your foods!


Create your survey with SurveyMonkey


Let us know how you did in the comments below!

-Coach Hayley 


Weekly Meal Planning 101

Meal planning is not an easy thing to accomplish when you are busy! Knowing where to start is key to making meal preparation during the week a breeze. Here is our four-step system to planning a week’s worth of meals in 10 minutes or less.

Four Steps to Easy Meal Planning

1. Choosing the right recipes

You don’t have to buy expensive cook books or spend hours scrolling through Pinterest to find a healthy, hardy recipe for your family. Visit our new Pinterest page that is filled with easy recipes here .

Choose five recipes that interest you for the week and write them down on a note pad underneath each day of the week (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday). This is how you are going to organize your Sunday afternoon food prep.

Choose easy quick recipes for your busy nights and schedule recipes that take a little bit longer for the nights you will be home!

Note: Make sure you choose recipes that will give you leftovers for lunch. The more you can make for supper each evening the less likely you are to purchase lunch the next day at work.

2. Making your grocery list

This step is quite simple. Review the ingredients that you need for each recipe and note what you already have in the cupboard or the fridge.

Next, write down the ingredients that you will have to pick up and split them into the sections of the grocery store: produce, meats, dairy, bakery, and other. This will ensure you do not miss anything as you are going through the store.

3. Unpacking when you get home

One mistake a lot of people make when they get home from the grocery store is to unpack everything and put it away right away. We suggest taking some time as soon as you get home to chop the vegetables that you need for your meals, wash your fruit before you put it away and organize your snacks into containers or Ziploc bags so you can grab and go. This is a great opportunity to take an hour to set yourself up for success! 

4. Prepare your Monday night supper on Sunday afternoon.

No one likes Mondays but that doesn’t mean that you should have to resort to ordering in or going out for supper on a Monday night. Prepare your first meal Sunday afternoon so it is ready in the fridge when you get home from work.

We also suggest that you choose a slow cooker meal for Monday supper, prepare all of the ingredients Sunday afternoon and throw them in the slow cooker Monday morning before you leave for work. BAM! Meal is ready when you get home.

OPEX TIP: If you don’t have time to prepare any meals throughout the week try our favorite freezer ready slow cooker meals. Prepare them on a Sunday or spend one day a month making a whole bunch so you have them ready in a pinch.  Check out our favorite slow cooker freezer meals here.

Now you are ready to plan your meals like a pro and have a stress free week filled with hearty, wholesome meals.

Let us know if you have any meal prep tips in the comments below!

OPEX Fitness Regina


Easy & Healthy Thanksgiving Meal Planning


Planning healthy meals for the family during the holidays can be tough. Everyone wants the traditional turkey, mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie but they are not always the healthiest options.

Here are OPEX Fitness Regina we try our best to find our members healthy substitutes that keep the family happy but don’t sacrifice flavour! Try these five Thanksgiving recipes that are sure to please not only your family but your nutritional goals too!

Appetizer – Spinach and Artichoke Dip

This spinach dip has a unique alternative to cream cheese, cashews! Using cashews helps you cut down on processed foods over the holidays and tastes just like cheese when it is done! We know what you’re thinking, “WHAT? There’s not way cashews can taste like cheese!” Try it for yourself! You will not regret it.


Side Dish #1 – Roasted Grape, Bacon & Kale Salad

Try this amazing salad that is sure to impress your guests and your taste buds. Filled with vitamins, healthy fats and flavour make sure you make enough for leftovers or seconds.


Side Dish #2 – Slow Cooker Cauliflower Rice

Trying to watch your carbohydrate intake this Thanksgiving? Why not try this slow cooker cauliflower rice recipe that will help you lower your carbs but will still give you something to soak up your gravy!


Main Dish – Italian Style Stuffed Peppers

This recipe is a great alternative to turkey or an amazing side dish to the traditional Thanksgiving bird! Filled with protein and low in carbohydrates, these peppers are easy to make and always a favourite at our houses!


Dessert – Pumpkin Pie Apple Dip

OPEX_Fitness_Regina_RecipeWhat can we say, pumpkin at Thanksgiving is a must! Try this pumpkin pie dip for dessert instead of the traditional pumpkin pie to save on the carbohydrates. With your choice of dipping tool you can use apples, plantain chips, graham crackers or, our favourite, celery!

Download our Thanksgiving meal plan here!


Happy Thanksgiving from OPEX Fitness Regina!



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