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Gone are the days of wandering through rows of treadmills, leaving a group fitness class thinking, “OMG I’m not going to be able to walk tomorrow!”, or clicking through countless websites wondering which fitness facility is right for you!

OPEX Fitness Regina is the only facility in the Queen City that offers Individual Design (ID) fitness, nutrition and lifestyle memberships. From improving your golf game, to helping you lose weight, to reducing your joint discomfort and to building overall strength we are here to improve your quality of life and help you LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE.

OPEX Regina Members in Action!

Since we understand that making lifestyle changes and becoming consistent with exercise and nutrition can be tough, we design personalized programs that never leave you guessing why you are doing what you are doing.

Try out our sample four-week program to see how we help our members reach their goals and why a personalized fitness plan is the LAST fitness plan you will ever need!

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