Member Testimonial - Angie

I don’t know who is more surprised that I hit my 200th work out at OPEX Regina, this guy or me! I initially signed up to have Luke Rossmo coach me thinking I would work with him for a few months until I got back on track and then continue on my own at the gym at work. Here we are, 200 workouts later and I just committed to another year. I love the individualized training that Opex offers. 

After numerous sprains, strains, and tears, a complete ACL tear prompted me to make a somewhat soul crushing decision to end a roller derby career that had brought me incredible joy. Following ACL reconstruction and rehab, I really didn’t know what to do with myself and the inactivity made me feel awful, tired, old and I was starting to have some significant health issues. 

I lacked motivation and I really didn't know where to start. Following a thorough assessment, Luke tailored a program to strengthen my knee and get me comfortable training. He is understanding of my shiftwork schedule and he adapts the type of workouts he plans (aerobic/lifting/active recovery) based on where I am in my work cycle (days/nights/off). He has helped introduce ways to work on reducing stress, practice mindfulness, improve my sleep and teaches me how to properly fuel my body to achieve my goals. Luke’s coaching has been perfect for what I was trying to attain - consistent, sustainable lifestyle changes. No ‘diet’. Nothing that is super restrictive or unsustainable. No specific timeline to lose x number of lbs or sizes. Just learn to live, eat and move more consciously, to feel better & improve my overall health. 

At OPEX, where Luke is the head coach, my only competition is me & my goals. While there are people who train more intensely than I, Luke’s individualized programming gears my workouts to my current abilities/limitations and constantly pushes me to new levels. He seeks out constant feedback, stays tuned in to where I’m at and adapts my training accordingly and it keeps me motivated. It’s hard to believe, but none of the 200 work outs have been the same - always a variety of components in various combinations. It’s shockingly easy to stay motivated when things are always new and challenging, yet fun. I could take what I’ve learned from Luke and work out on my own, but I know that I won’t. It’s easy to convince myself to skip a work out, but I don’t when I am accountable to him because he keeps me accountable to myself. He is always available for guidance and does a monthly sit down check in to see where I’m at, and make new goals. He is approachable and completely non-judgemental. Luke’s knowledge and passion for helping people to live the best version of themselves makes him an amazing, supportive coach. 

OPEX provides its clients access to their “InBody” machine which gives you a detailed analysis of your complete body composition - % lean muscle, % body fat, etc - even segmental (arms, legs, torso). It’s pretty cool and motivating to see a precise % where you are building muscle. Opex is a family of friendly clients & supportive coaches. This connection was a life changer for me. As I am pushing the 1/2 century mark I wanted to be able to do the Sit-Rise Test which some believe predicts longevity. Getting pretty good at it! 

Overall, I still have a long way to go, but I am happily enjoying the continuous journey to the best version of me. There is amazing peace in the contentment of being happy with where you are.