Member Testimonial - Donna

Little did I know that inquiring about some extra fitness training for my son would lead me into successfully competing in my first power lifting competition. Yup, that’s exactly how my journey started with coach Steve a little more than three years ago. 

Steve started me out with some general fitness, basic body movements and just plain moving. As time went on, he started adding some functional weight lifting into the mix. Turns out, I actually like lifting heavy things! When I found out I have arthritis and a few other things going on in my knees; Steve switched up my programming and helped me work through that little problem. I’ve built up the muscles to support those achy joints! 

And, I have gained far more than physical strength. The lessons I’ve learned and the accomplishments I’ve achieved have crossed over into my personal and professional life. I am stepping out of my comfort zone and taking on challenges I never would have imagined doing before. 

What do I like best about OPEX Regina? I have three things:

1.      The programming is specific to me and my goals. Whether you’re looking to get fit, maintain your current fitness or want to complete a fitness related goal –they’ll be in your corner to help you succeed.

2.      The supportive and motivating coaching. All coaches on the floor take pride in being there to answer your questions and to help and guide you through your workout to ensure you are doing it properly and getting the most gains out of each movement. 

3.      I absolutely LOVE the community atmosphere. Everyone is working towards a common goal – being the best you you can be - and are very supportive of one other. 

For me, fitness isn’t necessarily about being a perfect size - I am strong, I am fit, I am healthy - and for me, that’s what counts! Thanks coach Steve and OPEX Regina for helping me be a better me.