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Danielle comes to OPEX Regina with her Kinesiology degree from the University of Regina and clinical experience in a physiotherapy clinic. With a love for helping people enhance their daily lives through fitness, she is a great addition to our dynamic team.


Not only is Danielle passionate about helping her clients learn how to move well, but she is also focused on building programs that give her clients a foundation in strength. 


Danielle's extensive training and caring demeanor make her a great match for anyone looking for variety in their training and a well-rounded approach to health and fitness.

Want to work with Danielle? Book a free consultation below to get started.


Wayne, Age 56

In November 2022 my wife and I found the Opex gym in Regina and were impressed from the beginning. I hadn’t attended a formal gym since before Covid and those I checked out didn’t meet my needs. I was assigned Danielle as my coach, who even though she is 1/2 my age she understood my goals and developed an exercise program that addresses all of my previous injuries and physical deficiencies. Danielle is an experienced athlete and an amazing coach who has the training, background, and education to help me meet my fitness goals. She has helped me in a very short time to strengthen my joints and build endurance ensuring that I prevent injury while exercising. I enjoy working with her to ensure I’m successful in my fitness journey and recommend her as a coach no matter your age or fitness level.

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