CCP Level One Coach

After years of involvement in sport with an unparalleled passion for strength development, skill mastery and an unrelenting thirst for knowledge, Luke knew that coaching others to reach their potential is where he would find life long fulfillment.

Luke’s coaching philosophy is rooted in the belief that fitness is the basis for sustainable health, “health and fitness are the pillars of a long, healthy life. They need to be maintained and nurtured in order for people to be the best version of themselves.”

Luke comes to OPEX Fitness Regina with 10 years of experience in fitness and 5 years’ experience as a full-time coach including PICP Level 1 and 2, two weeks of mentorship in Bulgaria with world champion Alex Varbanov (world-renowned Bulgarian weightlifter), and the FRC certification with Dr. Andreo Spina.

He has also taken on the Precision Nutrition Course to improve his knowledge and delivery of fitness coaching.

Check out what his clients have to say HERE!

Suzie, Age 53

Luke Rossmo has been my coach for just over a year now. He has been my motivator, inspirator and at times counselor. All while being caring, understanding and interested in my well being. Luke is such a knowledgeable guy on fitness and adapting my programming to my needs and abilities all while challenging my limits.


I am 53 years old and I have just completed my 400th OPEX workout and I have never felt healthier and stronger than I do now! Thank you Luke!  

Kai, Age 32

Very knowledgeable.  Luke programs workouts that I would never think of putting together myself, and has been instrumental in overcoming some injuries/deficiencies that have been plaguing me for years.  I give Luke full credit for my newfound ability to bench press and squat pain free.

Pat, Age 63

I joined OPEX very hesitantly.  I was not a fan of the GYM.  I developed issues from running for 12 years as well as other functional problems. Eight weeks in and the hesitation is GONE!

Through careful programming from Luke my progress has been steady. My
day to day activities are improving. I have increased mobility, stamina and strength. I am extremely pleased with my results. I am 62 years old and do not want to become a little old lady before my time 
and I WAS heading in that direction. Thanks to the whole OPEX team for creating a space where all abilities and fitness levels are
welcomed. A special shout out to Luke my coach.  His knowledge and coaching ability are stellar. The OPEX fitness by design approach is working for me.

Paul, Age 54

Six months ago I started at OPEX. I selected Luke Rossmo as my coach. When I first began I was told Luke had a gentle soul and would always be willing to help. Little did I know how I was going to change.


Luke has worked with me non stop. First helping me become comfortable getting used to the varied exercises, making sure I do them correctly, always watching closely. Then helping me strengthen my knees, with exercises that I thought were little and had no effect. What did I know. My knees are stronger then they have ever been.


About three months into my OPEX experience, while doing some house renos, I injured my shoulder. An impingement I was told by a number of therapists. Luke jumped right in and worked closely with me to incorporate my rehab into my routine. I am pleased that my shoulder is as good as new.


Only six months into my OPEX experience and Luke has managed to get me into a fitness routine that has literally changed me. My body shape is changing quicker then I expected. I am noticeably stronger and more flexible. I am more active generally speaking. I am excited to see what the next six months will bring. Fantastic job Luke. Really glad I selected you as my coach.


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