Shannon started as an OPEX Fitness Regina client and soon after enrolled in the OPEX Fitness Coaching Certification Program.  

Shannon brings several years of experience in endurance sports and has completed a number of events in various distances such as 5 and 10k runs, ½ marathons, a full marathon, a 100k bike ride, a beginner triathlon distance, and a 5k obstacle course run.

Her passion for health and fitness comes from her own personal experiences being a mother of four.  Shannon understands the struggle is real and that many women have trouble maintaining a balance between themselves and their families.  “I firmly believe that everyone has the ability to improve their quality of life regardless of where they are starting from.”

Check out what Shannon's clients have to say about her HERE.


Alison, Age 42

Before I started with Shannon I was tired all the time. Exhausted really. I had no energy and lacked the motivation to get moving. I was gaining weight but I felt unmotivated to do anything about it. 

The customized programs and my own coach have given me more energy, I am stronger, and I am confident in my abilities. I feel like I'm on a really good path now. I don't fear getting older because my body is stronger and mentally I feel so much better.


I have goals I've achieved and many more that I know I can with hard work and dedication. And I know my coach all the other coaches will be cheering me on along the way.


Sherry, Age 56

I was diagnosed with advanced osteoporosis 13 years ago. Since then, medication plus a calcium-rich diet and a fairly active lifestyle prevented further bone deterioration. But results from a  recent bone scan showed significant improvement in bone density for the first time! The only change was that for the past year I have been an Opex member. 

I was paired with Coach Shannon and she designed a program for me focused on improving strength and balance. Shannon’s knowledge of fitness training, nutrition, and lifestyle management plus her enthusiasm and positive nature makes for an outstanding coach. 

I am delighted to say that  Shannon, along with the other coaches at Opex have encouraged, supported, and guided me to results that I doubted were possible. 


Martina, Age 34

Shannon was a wealth of knowledge and experience in the area of postpartum fitness. She knew what my physiotherapist had me working on, and designed my program to compliment it.


I've been back to the gym for about six months now, and I don't want to even imagine what my postpartum period would have been like without OPEX and without Shannon. Not only is she extremely knowledgeable in postpartum physical fitness, but she has also been phenomenal support in the rest of my life - understanding the mental and emotional stresses of being a mom (and a first-time mom), understanding that some days I have no energy, and some I have a lot. 

After six months, my body feels strong, safe (I have a nagging back issue), and healthy. I feel confident in the recovery my body has/is experiencing since my pregnancy and delivery.


Lindsey, Age 35

I feel like my recovery and healing is going so well because I have worked with my coach on my physical health for about 6 months.


I knew going into surgery I was in good shape and condition but I really noticed it the most when I went to get up for the first time after surgery. I was sore, but my legs felt strong and could carry me around to where I needed to go, and then I was able to walk around all by myself without much difficulty at all.


Many staff commented on how well I was moving around so quickly after surgery, and I really feel that is a testament to the gym and my fitness plan I had been working on. I know I won’t jump right back to where I was, but I am hoping soon to start up again with my coach and fitness plan and become even stronger! And hopefully no more surgeries!