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Stacey, 35

Why I OPEX >


This is the best I have personally felt, physically, emotionally and mentally in a long time. This is the result of my commitment and the commitment of my coach who is there with me every step, setting me up to succeed and sharing knowledge with me


- Stacey

Darryl, 47

Why I OPEX >


As for the facilities, the atmosphere, and amazing coaches on the floor, give OPEX the edge with having a family feel in my opinion.


Something I never experienced before and I’m loving it!  I look forward to my journey together with Luke and team.


- Darryl 

Testimonials: Service
Peter, 52

Why I OPEX >


The individualized workouts that my coach, Steve, builds for me are exactly for my needs. I continue to love my workouts. They challenge me; I love leaving the gym feeling pumped up and tired. But I never feel like I’m doing anything that will harm me.

Also, the community. One thing I know about myself if I really have a strong value around “belonging”. I like to join things. I like to be accepted. I have all that at OPEX Regina. It’s a great community of people.


- Peter 

Donna, 49

Why I OPEX >

Customized programming allows you to pro

Steve started me out with some general fitness, basic body movements and just plain moving. When I found out I have arthritis & a few other things going on in my knees; Steve switched up my programming & helped me work through that little problem. 

I have gained far more than physical strength. The lessons I’ve learned & the accomplishments I’ve achieved have crossed over into my personal & professional life. I am stepping out of my comfort zone & taking on challenges I never would have imagined doing before.


- Donna

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