The OPEX Experience

$100 in savings, 30-days commitment free & an unforgettable experience


Your coach takes you through three 60-minute sessions that include a lifestyle consultation, movement analysis and physical assessment


Upon completion of your assessments your coach will design your fitness and nutrition program 

weekly. Your energy levels, busy schedule and abilities are always taken into consideration


Your coach works with you on creating balance 

through fitness, healthy eating, sleep, stress management and much more. They meet with you once a month to keep you accountable, make adjustments and to help you stay on track


We teach you how to lead a healthy and balanced life. Results are guaranteed when you make positive change. Sorry, no short cuts here! We want you to learn how to create habits that last a lifetime.

Interested? Get started with just your email.

Interested? Get started with just your email.

We are professional coaches with over 50 years of experience