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Top 5

Staying on track isn't easy but at OPEX Regina we make it possible!

Check out our top 5 tips for staying on track, making habit changes & becoming the best you in 2019.


1. Create SMART Goals & Write Them Down: Writing down your goals makes you more likely to commit to and follow through with them. You also want to make sure your goals are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely. To learn more about SMART goals head here.  

2. Make Meal Prep Part of Your Routine: No matter what goal you have set for 2019 (weightless, leaning out, gaining muscle or getting stronger), investing some of your time each week in preparing food is key. Having healthy food on hand makes sticking to your goals easier. Keep cut up veggies, lean protein and easy to pack snacks ready and in the fridge never gives you an excuse to cheat. Check out our favourite meal prep tips here.

3. Exercise Regularly: Exercising and eating right go hand in hand. Working out for 30 minutes each day is ideal but not always realistic, so we recommend 3 times a week for 45 minutes. The more active you are the more energized you will feel and the better your results will be. Working out also helps increase your metabolism, helps build lean muscle mass and helps with overall healthy body functions. It can also help with your self-esteem and overall sense of wellbeing. Start 2019 off right with our free 4-week training program. Download it here.

4. Eat Breakfast: This sounds simple but it sets you up for a day filled with healthy choices. Eating a balanced breakfast with the right amount of protein and healthy fats gives you energy, keeps you full and will help you concentrate for longer. It will also allow you to crush your workout at lunch!

5. Build a Support Group: Find a group of friends or join a gym that suits you, ahem, OPEX Regina! Having a group of friends and/or a coach that keeps you accountable, helps you set realistic goals and knows how much you can handle is KEY! Building new habits takes time, support and a trusted coach who is educated in health, fitness and nutrition. Make us your support group by booking your free consultation here.

No matter what your goal is in 2019 finding the right support system is where you will find success! OPEX Regina has coaches that provide accountability, custom nutrition support and personalized fitness programs that are guaranteed to get you to your New Years Resolution!


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