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What Should I Eat?

This simple "eat more, eat less" graphic will make healthy eating a breeze without sacrificing your favourite foods!

Foods That Make You Healthier

So you’ve read that you should eat more protein, veggies, and should add healthy fat?! But what does that mean?

We’ve got you covered with this simple, easy to follow infographic.

Demystifying Fats

Understanding the different types of fats can be CONFUSING!

This easy to use chart helps demystify fats and makes them easy to understand.

Weekly Meal Planner

Finding time to meal plan is difficult when you have a busy schedule but is essential to reclaiming your routine, health, and lifestyle.

We've designed this easy to use Meal Planning Sheet to help make grocery shopping and meal planning a breeze.

5 Steps to Slimming Down for Summer

Imagine not having to ‘get ready for summer’ or ‘lose that last 5 pounds before it warms up’!

Imagine being the envy of your friends because you have already started & STUCK to your workout plan all winter!

Download our free guide to staying consistent for good!

OPEX Regina Recipe Book

We have filled this recipe book with our love for great recipes!

Minimal ingredients, easy to follow instructions, and healthy meals await!

Valentines Dinner for Two

There's nothing more romantic than strawberries on Valentine's Day!

Start off with a mouth watering salad filled with love. Then work your way to the main course of spaghetti that is sure to please your sweetie! And what is Valentine's Day dinner without a special dessert!