The most effective way to deliver results is a professional coach designing and delivering a program created for your unique goals, function, needs, and lifestyle.


That’s what an OPEX coach does, your program evolves and progresses as you do, so you always receive the perfect balance of challenge and support that you need to grow. 

OPEX Regina is the evolution of personal training. We take personalization to the next level in an environment that teaches you to take ownership of your fitness, and at a fraction of the cost.


Monthly Membership Options

  • Three 60-minute assessments at the start of your membership

  • Unlimited personalized workouts each week

  • Unlimited access to the facility* 

  • Personalized coaching at every workout

  • 30-minute monthly check-in with your coach

  • Personalized nutrition coaching

  • Personalized lifestyle coaching

  • Exclusive access to workshops and events

*Remote Coaching Memberships only include access to the facility twice a month

*All prices are subject to additional GST

All Memberships Include

Health & Wellness Consultation


Body Composition Scans


per scan

The OPEX Experience


for 30-day trial

Monthly Membership


per month

6-Month Membership


 per month

12-Month Membership


 per month

Remote Coaching Membership


per month


5:45 AM  – 8:00 PM 


8:00 AM - 1:30 PM WEEKENDS*

*if you’re popping in give us a shout first to make sure we are around because you know – errands.

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2754 Montague Street

Regina, SK S4S 0J9

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