Steve Volke, CCP Level 1

Owner/Director, Onsite, Remote Coach


Hayley Flegel, B. Kin, CCP Level 1

Owner/CEO, Onsite and Remote Coach


Mieka Holbrow

Onsite Coach

Jenny Henty, B. Kin

Onsite Coach


Danielle Major, B. Kin

Onsite Coach

Amber Wiebe, B. Kin

Onsite/Remote Coach

About Us

The Owners

We started from humble beginnings, Owner Steve Volke's garage in Harbour Landing.

Steve began training his clients under the OPEX model of personalized fitness in 2012 with the understanding that one size does not fit all. "EveryBODY is different, everyone has different stressors in their lives therefore training in a setting that provides the same workout & nutrition coaching to everyone doesn't support the individual." 

After three years of working with his own clients under the personalized model, Steve knew that this type of coaching was what Regina was missing. So, he enlisted the help of co-owner Hayley Flegel to open the first OPEX in Canada.

Hayley believes that building a community where men & women can feel empowered & truly learn how to be successful in health & fitness is essential.