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Women's Health Coaching Specialist

Hayley is co-owner of OPEX Regina and has been coaching for over a decade with a specialized focus in female hormone health, or more specifically the life transition to perimenopause and menopause.

She specializes in helping women develop healthy habits and mindsets through resistance training, sound nutritional practices, and working collaboratively with women's health practitioners. This passion stemmed from her personal journey to discover how to manage her hormone imbalance naturally, build confidence, strength, and a better understanding of what the female body needs for longevity.  

Hayley has her Kinesiology Degree from the University of Regina, OPEX CCP Level One certification, and is currently completing her Women's Coaching Specialist certification to further her skills and knowledge in hormone imbalance, perimenopause, and menopause.


Hayley is currently taking clients. Click the link below to book your free consultation.

Hayley Flegel: Service




Hayley is one of the most positive coaches and human beings that I have come to know. She is ALWAYS encouraging the best from me. Her knowledge of how a body works has enlightened and inspired me to make small and simple life changes that have made big differences in how I feel. I’m accomplishing weights I’ve never done before with Hayley’s coaching. The workouts always have an exercise that is either new or an alteration of the usual or just an interesting challenge that always has me engaged. It keeps me returning for more good experiences. I’ve felt muscles burn and work but I’ve always left feeling new energy and accomplishments. Recovery has always been great. I’m grateful and lucky to have Hayley in my corner always! She’s a coach that makes a difference!



I've been working with Hayley for about 9 months and I've enjoyed all of it.  Sometimes I read part of my workout and think - Are you kidding me? - but I do it and realize I guess I can do it and I get why she's asking me to and I needed push.  

Working with Hayley has shown me that my parts are stronger than I think they are, that all the parts can work together, and one part doesn't get to take the rest down.  I appreciate that Hayley isn't just there to give me exercises but to help me build myself up through workouts, nutrition, and positive life styles changes.  She even convinced me to eat cruciferous vegetables for breakfast, and they aren't that bad.



Coach Hayley, I have learned that losing weight isn’t just about looking great physically but also learning how fitness impacts the way I feel about myself internally and emotionally. 


The most valuable part about working with my coach is her understanding of the different needs of her clients. She assesses my needs, tailors my training based on my current needs, and then evaluates if they have been met. 


The changes that I have seen from her coaching approach are that I have been able to create realistic/sustainable goals for improving my health. Change is hard but having support like Hayley as a professional coach, does make it easier. Thank you, coach! 💗💗💗


TODD, 60

Hayley has been a valuable resource in achieving my fitness goals. She wants every client to be successful which is evident through her positive, supportive interaction at the gym to the attention to detail in designing individual fitness and health goals.


Hayley’s interests go beyond fitness to encompass ensuring a healthy mind and body. Hayley’s coaching has been a large part of my success.

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“Hayley has been a fantastic coach who has helped me reach my short and long-term goals. I started working with Hailey shortly after undergoing multiple surgeries and still experience some ongoing limitations in the gym that she has been able to accommodate and workaround. 

Hailey has developed and guided me through a customized workout plan that has helped me achieve both functional strengths, rehabilitation, and fitness. I’ve been very impressed with how she has integrated exercises and movement modifications in collaboration with my physiotherapist in a safe manner during my recovery. 

As a shift worker, she has been able to accommodate my work schedule into the timing and intensities of my customized workouts, which has been a huge asset. She routinely seeks feedback and incorporates it into ongoing program development. I’ve appreciated her flexibility and creativity to provide communication and programming outside of the traditional gym when I’ve traveled as well. 


I’ve already recommended Hayley to friends, colleagues, and family and would highly recommend her to others.”

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