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Mieka comes to OPEX Regina with eight years of experience in health and fitness. With a love for helping people enhance their daily lives through fitness she is a great addition to our dynamic team.


Not only is Mieka a certified massage therapist she has also received training under Dr. Spina in functional range conditioning, worked with Ido Portal on movement, mobility, and gymnastics and studied acrobatics under Amir Solsky. 


Mieka's extensive training and caring demeanor make her a great match for anyone looking for variety in their training and well-rounded approach to health and fitness.

See what Mieka's clients have to say HERE.

Mieka: Service

Roger, Age 68

I was worried I might fall so far out of shape I would not be able to assist my wife with transfers to and from her wheel chair. Since I started with Mieka I have seen very noticeable changes. My knee is getting stronger, I have more energy, I've lost 12 pounds and muscle is becoming more firm.

OPEX Regina trains you, it doesn't just rent equipment to you.


Heather, Age 32

When I joined OPEX Regina I had the pleasure of having Mieka assigned as my coach. We quickly drafted out a plan, taking into consideration my naturopath's recommendations and got to work!


Since I joined almost 6 month ago I have lost 20lbs and I am down a couple clothing sizes! I have to give props to the floor coaches for their endless motivation and to Mieka for always challenging me with my workouts.

With Mieka's dedication and knowledge and being able to find the right fit for my hormones I have been progressing every week and setting new goals to crush. I have more energy and I look forward to tackling things I didn't think I would be able to do when I first joined, both personally and in the gym.

Mieka Testimonials
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