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After ten years of success with the Government of Saskatchewan, a few calls with his OPEX Fitness remote coach, and years of battling a low back injury, Steve’s core values in life became clear, fitness is the catalyst for a fulfilling life.

His passion for health, fitness, and rehabilitation is supported by over a decade of coaching experience, including over 15,000 hours of applied coaching, and his CCP Level One designation through OPEX Fitness.

Steve’s coaching philosophy is rooted in the belief that every coach should have a coach, “having my own coach has allowed me to excel in areas that I would have otherwise avoided while making steady and controlled improvement...".

Take a look at what his clients have to say HERE.

Steve Volke: Service

Stacey, Age 35

I have always tried to live an active lifestyle, but it wasn't until I had a coach at OPEX Regina that I felt confident in what I was doing.


At OPEX Regina they care about you and the quality of the movement ensuring you are safe. Every week my program is personalized to me, based on my goals and the progress I am achieving. I am continually learning what I can achieve because my coach sees what I can do even when I can't. This is the best I have personally felt, physically, emotionally and mentally in a long time. This is the result of my commitment and the commitment of my coach, who is there with me every step, setting me up to succeed and sharing knowledge with me. I am so grateful for the partnership I have developed within OPEX Regina, thank you Steve! 


Peter, Age 52

The individualized workouts that my coach, Steve, builds for me are exactly for my needs. I continue to love my workouts. They challenge me; I love leaving the gym feeling pumped up and tired. But I never feel like I’m doing anything that will harm me.

Also, the community. One thing I know about myself if I really have a strong value around “belonging”. I like to join things. I like to be part of a tribe. I like to be accepted. I have all that at OPEX Regina. It’s a great community of people who all want the same thing. No one is judging or comparing. We’re all just there doing our thing and respecting each other for doing the same.


Tiffany, Age 35

I struggled with fitness and "the gym" for YEARS until I got smart and started working with Steve. Between his coaching and the fantastic community he and Hayley have built at OPEX Regina, I finally found something that made me feel good enough to stick with it. I love that I don't have to think (or worry) about my workouts; I just show up and do the work. Steve knows my personality and attitude, and then he programs to minimize my stress and maximize my awesome.


It's been amazing to have him in my corner for the last six years, encouraging me, helping me, and letting me sass him in the name of my continued fitness. I'm in better shape at 35 than I was as a high school cheerleader (it's a sport; don't @ me), because we tackle my whole life: the physical, mental, nutritional, and emotional. It's funny but true that Steve and OPEX Regina were the only stable things in my life for a long time, and I know that I wouldn't be where I am today without them!


Janet, Age 48

Work-life balance is a common catchphrase and I’m not even sure what it actually means.


Nearly every week, Monday through Friday I spend 8 hours of my day at work and sometimes the stress of it creeps into and consumes my personal time. The rest of the week is when I spend time taking care of every other thing, including people in my life like friends, family and even elderly parents.


I don’t know how it’s supposed to all balance but at OPEX I park all of that aside and simply focus on the workout designed by a coach who is dedicated to helping me. OPEX is where I focus on and invest in myself. I can’t be at my best when I’m at work, or at home, or with family, or friends if I don’t take care of myself too.

Of all the other various activities I have signed up for in my past, like yoga, aqua-size, and even boot camp, none have given me the support or even success for my health like OPEX. I am accountable for my exercises but I feel like I have a partner in my health and I am a priority there. OPEX is just for me and only about me. OPEX is my time and in fewer than 10 months of being there, I feel like I have made immeasurable gains in my physical and mental wellbeing.


I am grateful to have found OPEX.

Steve Testimonials
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