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10 Common Reasons You're Not Losing Weight

Losing weight or body fat is a common goal when you start at the gym. Usually, the weight starts to come off quickly then you seem to plateau. What you're doing isn't working anymore but you can't figure out why.

Here are the top ten reasons we find our members stop losing weight/body fat and how to address them

The Scale is Lying to You

It is common for the scale not to budge for a few days or weeks at a time⁣.

It is also common for your weight to fluctuate a few pounds each day depending on your undigested food, water retention, and what your hormones are doing⁣.

It is also common to be gaining muscle mass while losing body fat which will not be reflected on your scale at home⁣.

When looking to drop pounds change your focus to shedding body fat and gaining muscle, it's not always about seeing the number on the scale go down⁣.

This is why it is always a good idea to have another method of gauging your weight loss:⁣

1. How are your clothes are fitting?⁣

2. Measure your waist circumference once a month⁣

3. Look at your body fat percentage each month⁣

Your progress isn't always going to be linear, so focus on the small changes you can make that will help you for a lifetime⁣.

You Don't Know What You're Eating

Studies show that keeping track of your diet is an effective weight-loss tool because it holds you accountable for your food choices⁣.

Most people don't know what or how much they are consuming each day⁣.

Awareness around this is very important when it comes to dropping stubborn body fat⁣.

Studies show that keeping track of your diet is an effective weight-loss tool because it holds you accountable to your food choices⁣.

Tracking your food can be as simple as taking a picture of your meals or writing down what you are eating in a food journal⁣.

You'd be surprised how things add up throughout the day or at how little you are really eating⁣.

Give it a go for a few weeks. Don't worry about the exact amounts just track what you put on your plate⁣.

You're Not Eating Enough Protein

Protein is one of the most important nutrients in losing weight⁣.

Eating enough protein each day can boost your metabolism and automatically help you eat fewer calories because it drastically reduces cravings⁣.

Protein also helps regulate the appetite-regulating hormone called ghrelin⁣.

We've talked about ghrelin in the past and how the body produces more of this hormone when you are hungry and reduces the production when you begin to feel full⁣.

You can better regulate this hormone when you are eating good quality, lean meats such as chicken, turkey, and ground beef⁣.

We've talked about ghrelin in the past and how the body produces more of this hormone when you are hungry and reduces production when you begin to feel full⁣.

So, why not add a little extra protein to your breakfasts and lunches to curb those mid-day cravings while your working!⁣

You're Eating Too Many Calories

If you're trying to lose weight you need to know how much you consume each day.

Did you know that a large majority of people who are trying to lose weight don't actually know how much they are consuming each day?⁣

Over-consuming calories can lead to weight gain which means you should always have an idea of what you are putting into your body each day🥑🥦🍩🥗🍦⁣.

Now, this doesn't mean that you have to weigh your food and track each and every calorie for the rest of your life⁣.

But, it does mean you should have a good idea of what you are eating each day by tracking every once and a while⁣.

By entering your meals into a tracking app📱 you begin to learn the nutrition value of the foods your choosing and how much protein, carbs, and fats they contain⁣.

Once you get a basic understanding of the nutritional value of the foods you eat on a regular basis you can build your meals without the app with confidence🙌🏼.⁣

We suggest coming back to tracking when you feel yourself getting off track for a check-in⁣.

You're Not Eating Whole Foods

You'll see almost immediate benefits from eating more whole foods🤯⁣.

A bold statement we know but let us explain👇🏼⁣.

Whole foods are real single-ingredient foods that are mostly unprocessed. The best way to tell if you are selecting whole foods is to stick the parameter of the grocery store⁣.

The produce aisle where you find fruits and veggies is the best place to start. Then head down the meat aisle to find your lean meats🍗 and fish options🍤⁣.

Sticking to foods that have one to five ingredients that you can pronounce is the best way to know that your food choices are in the whole foods realm⁣.

Once you get consistent with eating mostly whole foods you might start to notice the following benefits:⁣

🔷You're getting more vitamins and minerals⁣

🔷You're eating less sugar⁣

🔷You're not experiencing major dips in energy levels⁣

🔷Your skin looks healthier and more vibrant⁣

🔷Your body composition is changing (i.e. less body fat)⁣

🔷You're not hungry as often ⁣

🔷You're not craving sugar as often⁣

Whole foods are the way to go when looking to lose weight. Remember to fill your plate with two cupped hands of veggies, one-two cupped hands of carbs, a thumb size of healthy fats, and a fist-sized portion of protein⁣.

You're Not Lifting Weights

The most important thing you can do when trying to lose weight👇⁣.

Resistance training💪⁣.

It helps you build muscle mass, helps protect your joints, and helps you burn calories more efficiently⁣.

It also aids in LONG TERM FAT LOSS⁣.

So, grab some weights, download our free at-home training program, and get lifting⁣.

It helps you build muscle mass, helps protect your joints and helps you burn calories more efficiently⁣.

You're Not Eating Mindfully

This may be one of the world's most powerful weight loss tools and 𝐈𝐓'𝐒 𝐅𝐑𝐄𝐄⁣.

It's called Mindful Eating⁣.

All you have to do is👇⁣

🔷Sit down to eat⁣

🔷Turn off all distractions⁣

🔷Savor your food by enjoying each bite⁣

🔷Eat slowly and chew each bite of food thoroughly⁣

🔷Be aware of colors, smells, and flavours⁣

🔷When you start to feel full stop eating⁣

🔷Drink some water when you're finished to top it off⁣