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Why do you Workout? What the why behind your why?

Fitness is in the eye of the beholder. All that really means is that your experience with fitness is different than everybody else’s. But, what is consistent across the board is that people do fitness for a reason. When you understand that reason, you will find great enjoyment and progress in your health and fitness for the long-run!

We’ve had the privilege of working with many people who have gone from unhappy to happy with their fitness, and much of that change happened as they recognized what they were getting from their weekly training. So, we ask you this question….

Why are you training? How do you intend to grow because of fitness? How can it make your life outside of the gym better?

It’s easy to say “I train to lose weight, look great, or get strong.” What about losing weight connects to you? Why is it important to you? What would change in your life if you lost weight? Be honest with yourself as you answer this. Many people start a workout program for surface reasons, but they never connect to why that surface reason means something important to their life away from the gym.

Why is losing weight important to you? What about it connects with you?

It’s when you connect to that underlying why behind your fitness regiment that you will find deep enjoyment in your training. What does fitness allow you to do inside of the gym, but what does it allow you to do outside of the gym as well. Your values and priorities will shift over time; that’s part of life. But, fitness has the power to change your life today and keep “giving” back to your life in and out of the gym for decades.

What does that sweat represent?

Want to know more about your why? Schedule a free consult with our coaches to learn more about what inspires you!

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