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  • Hayley Flegel

Less is More, Especially When Changing Habits


Over 40% of people will have blown their new years resolutions by February & all but 10% will have fallen off the wagon by NOW!

The truth hurts, but most people have trouble when it comes to habit change.

There are 3 components to your habits that need to be addressed when trying to make change but we don't even want to talk about them. We are here to tell you that, LESS IS MORE when it comes to changing habits.

Since changing a habit takes time, commitment & consistency we wanted to give you our two secret components that most people forget about:

1. Community: the people you surround yourself with shape you and give you accountability. Community keeps you from falling off the wagon and picks you back up when you do

2. Self-Compassion: individuals that react to failure with self-compassion get back on the wagon much more swiftly than those who judge themselves

We want you to combine community & self-compassion the next time you want to make a habit change.

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