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Training in Alignment with Your Menstrual Cycle

Understanding your menstrual cycle can be a game-changer when it comes to tailoring your fitness routine. Here's a guide to training in alignment with your cycle:

Menstruation: Listen to Your Body

During menstruation, low levels of progesterone and estrogen can lead to lethargy and a lack of motivation. It's crucial to acknowledge that if you're experiencing pain and a dip in motivation, it's okay to take it easy. This is a time for less intense exercises.

Follicular: Ride the Energy Wave

As estrogen begins to rise in the follicular phase, you'll likely experience a boost in energy. Seize this opportunity for high-intensity exercises and weight training. This phase is ideal for pushing yourself a bit harder and challenging your limits.

Ovulation: Peak Strength and Energy

Ovulation brings a peak in testosterone levels, translating to increased strength and energy. Many clients describe feeling unstoppable during this stage. It's a prime time for engaging in strength training, high-intensity exercises, power training, and other activities that require extra energy.

Luteal: Adapt and Focus on Mobility

As progesterone rises in the luteal phase, energy begins to dip, and some may experience premenstrual syndrome (PMS) symptoms like bloating, headaches, and moodiness. It's entirely normal not to feel at your best during this time. Consider dialling back the intensity and focusing more on mobility exercises. Listen to your body, adapt your routine accordingly, and prioritize self-care.


By aligning your workouts with your menstrual cycle, you can optimize your energy levels, enhance performance, and cultivate a more personalized and sustainable fitness journey. Work with your body and your cycle instead of against it.

Remember, everyone's body is different, so this is simply a guide. Not every woman needs to follow this approach when training; however, there's so much more power in understanding the role your hormones play so you can adapt and adjust your workout plan at each phase of your cycle.

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