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"Think you’re too busy to train? Think you have a long commute? Think you’re on the road too much and can’t squeeze in a workout?
OPEX Fitness Regina - Chris Donohue


This is one of Coach Luke’s clients, Chris Donohue. He is a Boeing 767 Captain for Air Canada and lives in Regina.

His job literally takes him all over the world - Ireland, Japan, Hawaii, and more - sometimes 2 or 3 different cities on as many continents in less than a week. Despite vast distance and numerous time zones, Luke is able to work with Chris to enable him to train regardless of where he is.

Chris is an example of how OPEX training can work despite time and space. With the Fitbot app he literally has Coach Luke in his shirt pocket 24/7, worldwide.

More importantly, however, he demonstrates commitment and discipline that we feel everyone can learn from - Chris, despite being all over the world, has one of the highest workout completion rates at OPEX Regina.

But don’t take it from us, here’s Chris in his own words:

“I am a Boeing 767 Captain for Air Canada and live in Regina. I joined OPEX Regina at the beginning of May this year on the recommendation from my son Jordan and have finally found a program that works for me. My trainer is Paul Park and after he assessed what my needs and limitations were, he was able to quickly build a training program for me. Because I am on the road with my job frequently, Paul is able to build programs that I can tailor at the different gyms I have access to all over the world.

When I am able to be at OPEX in Regina, even though Luke programs my workouts, it doesn't matter who is on the floor. All the trainers are great to work with. They help keep my motivation up and strive me to push myself.

From a physical standpoint, I can feel myself improving daily. I have not done some exercises in some time and it's great to get back into it. I enjoy learning the dynamics of working to improve myself that OPEX offers.

Keep up the great work OPEX Regina. You have a long standing member in me.”

OPEX Fitness Regina Member - Chris Donohue

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